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About our Local SEO in NYC

Do you have a Local Business and want to be found online when people search for your services and products? Tired of losing business to your competitors? Want to create a consistent flow of business every month? Then, our Local SEO services are for you!


We provide our SEO services in NYC but, we help all types of businesses become easily searchable and found online wherever you are! We have a system and SEO experts who understand Google, Youtube, and other search algorithms, and can support any type of niche and get you to the top of Google search results and other search engines.

We Offer Local SEO Services For…

  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Contractors
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainers
  • Clubs/Bars
  • eCommerce Stores

Every type of local business must have an online presence so that they can be found by the people who are searching for nearby products, services, businesses, addresses and phone numbers. If you’re not appearing anywhere online, or it’s very difficult to find you, for any of those things or for any important keywords, you are constantly losing potential business every single month to your competitors who have great Local SEO – it’s time to get back in the game and take advantage of all the amazing online opportunities! It’s a gold mine, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Make a Wise Investment

We have the step by step process to help you make a wise investment into your marketing and achieve local visibility with your business and website. There are many factors that go into Local SEO services, including picking the right keywords with lower competition, structuring your website the correct way, building your citations and building your overall trust and authority. That’s exactly where we help you. Xillionaire helps improve Local SEO in NYC, New York and businesses all around the United States. We help you make the right choices for your Local Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Marketing Campaigns.
We not only get you the rankings you’re looking for, but we also mentor you and give you a very clear understanding of how Local SEO works and what we’re doing in order to improve your visibility. We like being transparent with you and support you in any way we can. Our goal is to use local SEO rankings to drive more traffic and real results for your business. We know as a business owner, the bottom line is, will this work for me and is it worth my investment. Our team prides ourselves in making sure we can produce results that actually grow your business online and increases your overall revenue.

Understanding Local Search Engine Optimization

Your website is the key factor in your overall search engine strategy and local rankings. The entire SEO strategy stems from your website. It all starts with research for what people are searching for online, what your competitors are doing and how difficult it would be to rank for the keywords you want. Then goes the  “On-Page SEO”, which is everything results to being on your website. After that goes “Off-Page SEO” which requires a lot of outreach, creating content and building links that point back to your site to increase overall authority for your website. Google has about 200+ key ranking factors it looks at when ranking a website, which can be very overwhelming, so we will help you understand the most important things after we provide you an Free SEO audit and explain to you the step by step approach we created.

Ready to get REAL SEO Results?