The Power of Mobile Apps

Mobile phones have changed the way businesses communicate with their customers, vendors, and employees. Entire businesses are built based off just a mobile device. Amazing! Having the ability to communicate your entire business through a mobile phone has made app development a highly profitable decision and positive way to start a business. The people who don’t capitalize on this efficiency shift will lose a lot of potential business. We educate and empower our clients to consider app development as a way to save time, money and energy, as well as, increase relevancy and ability to be found by new customers to help their business. Also, if you just have a totally different idea that’s a business of its own, whether it’s a game, utility or a social media platform, we help guide you in the right direction.

Our S. U. P. E. R. Process


Strategy & Research



User Interface / Experience



Program & Develop



Evaluation & Testing



Release it to the world!

App UI and UX Design


We offer custom app design services with all our app development projects because we know the value the design for your app and success of your business. Some people say that design is not important, but on the contrary, people are drawn to attractive and seamless app design. It’s what all your customers see when they visit your app. Poor design can not only evoke a negative emotion in people but even reduce engagement and sales. Great design helps increase retention, create ease and draw people to keep coming back.

Also, a great design goes can starts to alter how your customers view your brand and give you more leverage. As they say, first impressions are everything. Do you want to provide an elegant brand with relevance, on your first impression or be that business that comes underdressed to a business meeting. We’ll be your guide to keep your design up to par, so that won’t happen anymore. We will create a design that helps portray your brand’s story and values in the best way we can. Some of the services we provide are brand relevant app UI/UX design, icons and overall structure, to hand illustrated concepts.

App Development


We offer custom native and hybrid app development services for all types of platforms including iPhones, iPads, iWatch, Android Phones, and Tablets. If you have a great idea for a 2D/3D game, Social Media, Live Streaming, Utility-based, Messaging and much more. Our team is filled with a diverse set of developers which allows us to be able to create virtually anything! We want to ensure we provide the best service so we make sure our developers are ready and qualified to produce your app according to your budget. The bigger the budget, the higher quality app we can develop for you.

Our developers are able to program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Objective C, C#, Swift, Java, MySQL, and much more. You tell us what you need and we’ll provide a solid and creative solution. We help you make better development decisions that save you lots of time and money. Developing an app can be a tricky, long and difficult process due to the many variables that go into the process. Our goal is to help you avoid as many headaches as possible and get you to your goal faster!

START to MVP in 90 Days!

We can help you produce a working version of your app in 90 days. An app that you can test on your phone and start beta testing with your friends, family and potential users. Speed is so important in development and business, that we try to push ourselves to the limit on how fast we can produce a result for you! We care about your time and want to do our best to keep you excited about your idea.

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Whether you’re a bigger business, a small pop and shop business, or an entrepreneur with ideas to solve a problem, an app is the right way to go. We can dramatically improve your success and streamline operations and sales all through your phone. We only develop apps that build business value and help solve an existing issue. As you adapt to the new times, you will see the huge shift to mobile apps as it continues to go. It’s the best time to become part of that wave and really take advantage of the opportunities.

Mobile App Development is something our team is excited and passionate about at Xillionaire. Just think of us as your partner during the app development process. We truly care about providing you a quality application that will get you on the road towards getting closer to your vision with your business. Your success is our success, so we get very invested in your plans and goals. Designing and developing a high-quality mobile app is not an easy task. It’s all about being able to provide a solid and seamless solution for your target audience while solving the core problem of the user.  This can t  ake some time to figure out as we implement revisions based on the results.  But, we are your partner in this and do our best to put you in the right direction and a position to win.

Our goal is to make sure we understand your company’s mission and how a mobile app can help you actually progress forward and return an ROI for you as soon as possible. Our project managers will help to guide you through the process of creating your first app and helping you understand the pitfalls, expectations and time frames of each feature. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in terms of the functionality, user interface, and user experience. As we continue to work on your app, we don’t just make your app to look pretty but focus on improving retention of the user and making sure your users love it!