Professional Website SEO Consultant Services

The Power of an SEO Consultant

Don’t have the budget to hire our team or services? Already have an internal team and just need guidance? Want to take your website, brand and company exposure to the next level? Then hire our professional website and video SEO consulting services!


Learning and trying to understand search engine optimization for your business can be tough, confusing, stressful and even intimidating. There is so much information out there on the web, some of it can be beneficial for your business and other information can be absolutely wrong and outdated, which can hurt your business. Sometimes having even a 1-2 hour conversation with a professional SEO consultant can be invaluable in its ability to help you make faster, better and more profitable decisions. We do this by helping you avoid costly mistakes and steer you in the direction and let you know where you should be focusing your time and energy. Whether SEO is a whole new topic for you or you are on your way to becoming an expert yourself, consulting with one of Xillionaire’s professionals will give you confidence in your next steps for your business.

Our SEO Consulting Services

We have a process to making sure we can provide the best possible services to you. To start off, our professional SEO consultant will talk with you to understand what you’re looking for and what your expectations are. Next, we provide a free website audit. This will give us insights on the things you need to improve on, how competitive your market and keywords are, what level of authority you currently have, who are your biggest competitors and much more! In this initial audit we will get a better understanding of your company and website. Once we have a good understand of your current status, we will schedule our first official SEO consulting call to explain to you what we discovered and what we believe is the next big steps.

After the call, we will take what we learned and over conversation and turn it into an actionable and tailored plan to move you forward. We will provide you details of your own internal team will need to work on to move you forward.

Worked with an SEO company or freelancer before and didn’t get results?

Some SEO companies can hurt your search engine rankings with bad practices. Other agencies might have good practices, but have a few important missing pieces which we can identify. If your business’ reputation is hurt with poor quality SEO tactics, then it can really have a bad effect for the long term as well. As google gets smarter, you must always be using the most updated and best practices for Google or you’ll go backward within your rankings. Unfortunately, these SEO companies charge very low prices or just provide outdated and low-quality tactics, even to this day. You want to question any cheap SEO companies because you’ll get a cheap or short term result.

SEO companies that also provide spammy services or automated programs, this can get you in trouble with google and is very difficult to reverse. You might see some ‘success’, but it’s usually short-lived and can cause you serious penalties or bannings that will make your business go down in rankings or as the worst case scenario become invisible on the web.

Never let any online marketing company or freelancer put your business in a bad light with tactics that are black hat and violation Google’s policies, no matter what. Sadly, we still find business owners who have been in this situation or wasted their budget by hiring the wrong people. Which caused them to spend way more time and money to get to where they want to now. Once you get penalized, it can be VERY difficult to get back into good standings with Google. You can get to the point that you would need to start over from scratch and scrap your entire domain name of your business and replace it with a new one. We definitely don’t want this happening to your business and are always making sure all our tactics have quality checks.

Ready to get REAL SEO Results?