The Opportunity of Social Media

Why social media for your business? It’s very simple. That’s where all of your customers’ attention is. People are spending hours and hours per day on social media. Our job is to build your online presence and brand, and to get you in front of those users to help them become aware that your business even exists! Being a business, we found that it’s super important to engage in regular activity on your social media pages to keep your viewers and fans engaged so the next time they need your service, the first person they think of is you. Our goal with social media management is to help you create a tailored social media strategy for nurturing, providing value and building relationships with the people that matter most.

Social Media Management



We plan and update your social media consistently every day or week. Not only that but creating content that keeps people engaged with your brand and drives people to buy from you. We help you build long-term customers by keeping them involved and in front of your content.


Your Reach

You might have an existing social media accounts but you have been stuck at the same number of people you reach for a long time. It’s time to get in front of more people so your business can continue to grow and hit the KPI’s you’re hoping for it. Increase your reach, increase your results.


Targeted Traffic

Most business owners understand they need to drive traffic to their business. But, through the marketing efforts you do, are you driving targeted people? We help you target the right audience so you’re spending your money right and increasing the number of sales you obtain.

Testing, Analytics,

and Improving

A highly effective social media campaign requires constant testing and tracking your results. This is crucial because the more we can track, the more we can improve and double down on what works. As we begin to see key performance indicators we change or build off out previous results.

Quality Promotional

Strategies & Outreach

Not every sale and promotion is made equally. It’s our job to put you in the best position to win and provide a strategic promotion according to your needs. Utilizing our creative minds and team, we find ways to more naturally promote your business by attracting your customer to you.

Free Up

Your Time

Being a business owner can be tough, stressful and very time-consuming. Doing something new can be a big jump. We understand how you feel. Our job is to help educate you and do the day to day work. So that you can now focus on the higher level aspects of your business.

We know that social media growth and presence is critical in the modern times. Technology is advancing at a fast rate so we are always learning, adapting and growing at the speed of change in order to help our clients always be on top of their game. Just being on top of trends jumps you ahead of a majority of your competition which still in the old times.


Our structure for your social media management is based on proven strategies and custom plans that help meet your needs. We adjust those needs to your specific business which allows our methods to work more effectively. Our project managers work with you to better understand your needs and mission within your business management in order to provide the best solution possible for you. The key is getting a solid plan that gets the job done and keeps you free from having to deal with it! Your happiness and results are our highest priority and we want to always exceed them.

As a business, it’s important to engage in regular activity on your social media pages  to keep your viewers engaged with your brand. Our goal with social media management is to create more of a custom social media strategy to nurturing your page and the people on these pages. We help you increase followers, create custom and promotional posts for your business, drive traffic to your website and product, track analytics of your account and make sure we are hitting your goals within your budget. You can finally take 1 big thing off your to-do list and let our experienced social media team help you grow your business online. With this offer and the combination of all our services in one, you get all the benefits of social.

As your social media specialists, we target your target audience to drive engagement and potentially buy from you. We begin with learning more about you, your brand, your business goals, expectations and your target audience in detail. Then, we plan and strategize what social media platforms benefit you the most and how we’re going to tackle the project. Next, we create the custom plan into a daily and weekly to-do list. Finally, we post and track the progress, as well as, adapt to what’s working.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for small business nyc 2

Social media marketing is the next big wave for business owners to capitalize on. If you’re a business owner that believes in growing your business for the long term, this should not be overlooked. A lot of business owners are trapped in the past, it’s time to adapt with the changing times. Too many have gone out of business for just doing the same thing over and over again when old marketing tactics are working less and less. Your online presence is so important and can make or break most businesses.


Don’t lose your business from being stubborn and previous results and let us take you to the next level of social media marketing! Because if you don’t, unfortunately, the times will catch up with you and it will be too late. Don’t let change be the end of your business and let’s work together to help you grow bigger and stronger than ever before. It’s time you start funneling your current marketing budget from the old and outdated tactics and transferring it to social media for a greater ROI.

As we have studied, tested and worked within the social media space for a long time, we know how powerful it truly is to be on these platforms. With the ability to target your customers to such a specific and targeted level, you now become in control and aware of what’s actually working, who your true target audience is and never again waste your money on the wrong people.

The amazing part about social is that you can easily reach thousands, if not millions of TARGETED people at a very quick rate! This gives you leverage, speed, and clarity on what works and what doesn’t so you can adjust your marketing in fast spurts. If you have the right team, like Xillionaire, you can get really far with your marketing efforts and start bringing in customers non-stop!

We can target potential customers by location, age, interests, actions and much more. Our social media promotional strategy includes both using paid advertising and creating custom content and building your social media accounts through other effective methods. Our custom strategy allows you to reach your perfect customer at a rate that’s impossible with traditional offline marketing. On top of that, we’re always adjusting your campaigns to the results we get every week, so we can split test and focus on the things that work and instantly remove the things that don’t. Our detailed analytics report will allow you to understand your results and ROI on the money you spend.

Our social media specialists are ready and equipped with creative juice and results that have been proven through years of experience, learning, testing and making our own mistakes. Now, you can avoid all of that extra work, time and money that needs to be spent because we’ve done that already. We want our clients to succeed, because the more you succeed, the more you’ll be willing to work with us! We keep your best interest in mind and know that we can provide the great results you’re looking for. Your results and business goals become our priority and we want to give you the value you want. This allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients!

Ready to get started with Social?