What is video SEO and how can our experts support you?

Video SEO Services and ExpertsVideo SEO means optimizing your videos to perform and rank in search engines to increase exposure. Whether that’s Youtube, Vimeo, or Google search engines. The goal is to make your video be found easier by the people who are looking for the information you’re providing. Video SEO is similar to ranking individual pages on your website, but depending on the platform, you’re able to take advantage of the platforms authority and popularity to reach far more people. Ultimately getting more eyes on your brand, company, product, services, or you as an influencer.


The powerful things about videos is that you create it one time and it can continue to drive traffic to your website for years to come, if done right! This means you can create consistency in your business and be able to continue to grow with a compound effect. The more videos you upload, the more consistent traffic you can obtain. Making it a no-brainer for businesses and influencers that understand it’s value.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO Services - LogoYoutube has grown so much in the past few years to a platform that is used by many. This platform gets so much traffic on a daily basis, that if we optimize your videos for SEO, you get a big leap ahead of most of the creators and businesses. This will give you an edge and will propel you forward on Youtube and Google, as well, as get more people to your website and actually buying something!

Vimeo SEO

Vimeo SEO Services - LogoVimeo is another powerful video platform, second to youtube. It’s authority in terms of SEO is extremely high, which gives you leverage for ranking your videos in search engines and increasing your websites SEO as well. Even though Vimeo is not as business friendly as YouTube, it can be used in many way. Also, every video you post can be posted on multiple platforms without any penalty from google for “duplicate content”, since videos are not indexed like a regular text blog post.

Our Video, Youtube and Vimeo SEO Services

Our video SEO experts and consultants can provide services to optimize every video you have already available or every future videos that you plan to upload for a simple service fee. Also, we can do video SEO consulting as well, in order to support you with creative ways to make your content and distribute it.


What We Do:

  • Keyword, tag and competitive research
  • Adding appropriate titles, descriptions and keywords
  • Creating eye-catching and attractive thumbnails and cover images
  • Uploading and distributing the videos onto different platforms, including your website
  • Repurposing content into different forms to increase reach, backlinks and traffic potential
  • In advance research for popular and highly search topics, so you can create content that people already want and avoid wasting time making something no one cares about or is searching.
  • Driving up rankings and traffic for your website
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Google, Youtube and Vimeo Analytics
  • Monthly Reports of what’s working

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