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Do you have an outdated, low converting website or no website at all? We help develop a website for you that performs better on your phone, tablet, and desktop. (YES. All 3!) Having most of our focus on converting your traffic into leads using TESTED & PROVEN strategies. Your website is one of the most important marketing tools you have, it’s the foundation of your entire online presence. If it presents your business poorly or is perceived old and outdated, you will continue to lose all your money and traffic due to your website.

Responsive Web Development

Xillionaire specializes in Websites that look great on all devices. Mobile phones are becoming a huge way people browse online. We make sure it looks great on mobile, tablets and desktop. We can build anything from a simple landing page, to a complex e-commerce platform, online course website or even a social media website. Each website is personalized to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you want an easy way for you to upload content yourself and have more control over your website or you want us to take care of everything, it’s up to you!

Responsive Web Design

Xillionaires’ creative team delivers memorable designs that allow you to stand out from the competition and give you a unique online presence. We make sure our designs match your vision, branding and appeals to your target audience, while making it a seamless experience for your customer. Your online presence should present your unique story and brand in a clear way. Xillionaire is committed to learning more about your brand and creating quality designs that presents your story in your website, banner or print.

Our S. U. P. E. R. Process


Strategy & Research



User Interface / Experience



Program & Develop



Evaluation & Testing



Release it to the world!

Stop losing money…

Are you spending tons of money on advertising and marketing but you’re getting poor results? The problem might be your website, not the Advertisement.

What’s important to you

Do you want to upgrade your online presence? When we build a website, we focus on what’s most important to you, your business and your customer. We do that by providing a professional, responsive, modern, and easy to use website, presenting your business in the best possible way. Focusing on converting your traffic into excited leads!

Stop losing your leads and start getting new customers NOW!

Web Design and Development Plans


Basic Plan

  • Secure domain name (if needed)
  • Setup Hosting Accounts / Admin Logins
  • Professional & Modern Website Theme
  • Prioritizing a Mobile Optimized Design
  • Adding Content (Images, Text, Files)
  • Website Design Changes & Adjustments
  • Initial setup, testing, and customizing of theme
  • Adding a Blog
  • Email addresses setup with your domain (name@yourwebsite.com)
  • Animations, Sliders, Galleries, Contact Forms
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Collecting E-mails)
  • Testing, Technical Improvements and Solutions
  • Adding Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tool



  • Everything in the Basic Plan
  • Adding in All of The Products
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Creating Variable Prices / Products
  • Adding Categories, Product Pages, and the entire Shop Page
  • Customer Login Portal & Tracking
  • Setting up SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for Credit Card Processing
  • One time, Subscription and Free Trial Payments
  • Integrating an admin portal for tracking all payments, adding notes/make adjustments and tracking all your customers
  • Increase security precautions for your admin panel


  • Secure Domain Setup (if needed)
  • Setup Hosting Accounts
  • Creating a Test Version before it goes live
  • Partial or Fully Custom Code
  • Advanced Features
  • Advanced 3rd Party Integrations
  • Platform type websites
  • Social Media’s, Search Engines, Software
  • Using Higher Level Servers
  • Advanced Design Capabilities
  • In-depth Analytics and Tracking
  • Admin, Vendors, Customer Logins and Profiles
  • Integrations and Connecting with an App’s Servers
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, PHP, SASS, MySQL, etc.

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